About IPMA

*ISO 9001:2015
IPMA Industry Sdn Bhd

IPMA Industry Sendirian Berhad, founded in the year 1989, is a leading manufacturer of advance rice milling plant and seed processing equipments and machinery in Malaysia.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our research and development team produces a full range of high quality products to cater for our Customers need. We believe in good and fast customer service. Our well trained and skillful technicians are always available to provide prompt and efficient service to solve customer problems.

We were awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification which is a sign of international standard for “Quality”. As such, we assure our customers that they will continue to get the best products and services. In recent years, the company ventured into the international market by introducing its products to Guyana, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Taiwan, Korea, India, Japan & etc.

Lasersonic Sendirian Berhad, specialises in the design and manufacture of a wide range of rice packaging and automation equipments such as fully automatic packer, rotary packer, online weighing machine, colour sorter & etc. Together with IPMA industry Sendirian Berhad, its subsidiary, the company has gained popularity as a brand of its own in the rice processing industry.

Trusted since 1989
Global Recognition & Services

As a Top Leader in Manufacturer of Advance Rice Milling Plant and Seed Processing Equipments & Machinery in Malaysia.

Your Trusted Partner around the World.

Certificate of Approval

Job Focus

All workers are well trained in their specialized skills in our manufacturing system.

We also utilize computer technology to help to improve the quality control of a product in manufacturing development.
Research & Develop
We insist on giving products of uncompromising standards to meet our customers’ requirements.

View points and feedback from our customers are being analyzed by highly qualified and competent staff in the implementation of research-based manufacturing.
Customer Services
IPMA services teams is specially trained on products, technologies, and maintenance with many years of experience in machine locating, installation, diagnosis, repairing and so on.

IPMA Services teams of 30 experiences technician is available to provide you with superior service right where you need it.